Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Run Fat Boy Run

Once again the Olympics are almost upon us. The fastest, strongest and fittest from around the globe will compete in front of a television audience of millions. Then, following the completion of the Olympic games comes the Paralympics. Once again awesome physical feats will be on display to a large, but greatly reduced television audience.

One of the greatest challenges facing the organisers of the paralympics is the creating of a level playing field for all the different levels of disability. As more and more minority groups claim their phobias, quirks and allergies are disabilities, so the list of events is expanded. Obesity alone offers all manner of entertaining new events.
However, a little bit of forward thinking would assist in the smooth running of the programme of events. May I suggest staging the  OCD100 meters straight after the 100 meters for the incontinent.


  1. Hey great to see haven't lost the magic.....hope all the sexy ladies return too....missed them all