Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Importance Of Play

Much is made of the demise of today's youth. Hours are idled away in front of a screen. Exercise and diet are neglected with inevitable results.

In the past, children spent much of their free time playing outside, bonding with their peers, developing their creative talents and getting some much needed exercise. Do you remember the days of rosy faced children chuckling with glee at a good old game of Knock Down Ginger? Always a great favourite when played with a tank.

Until as recently as twenty years ago, the most played with toy was in fact a stick. A stick that cost nothing and was in return so versatile. The uses knew no bounds. How we could shape today's youth for the better (and lets face it, the shape most of them are in today isn't pretty) by returning to the use of the stick. Now I know there are those that might be under the impression that the suggestion of beating children is about to be made, but nothing could be further from the truth. How about using sticks to stake them out over ants nests after giving them a liberal coating in honey? Or if wood is in an abundance in your local, why not try a good old fashioned burning at the stake? It certainly put an end to Joan Of Arc's nonsense.

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