Friday, 12 October 2012

The Party's Over

Every weekend, somewhere in the world, there is an unpopular kid at school, college or university that has a brilliant idea that they believe will elevate them to legend status. That idea is a party!

Unfortunately, others attending the party have a slightly differing view of how the proceedings and outcomes will manifest themselves throughout what can only be described as a long night of carnage.
As the casualties mount and the house decreases in value at an alarming rate, the poor disillusioned soul can only watch as their entire world appears to come to an end.
If you happen to be witnessing one such event, and you have the slightest scrap of compassion, then you know it is your duty to bring the proceedings to an end. Although that is easier said than done. Nobody is usually very keen to leave whilst the destruction is still in full flow. So a cunning plan is required.

An easy option would be to call the police. The police have quite a successful track record for breaking up parties. However, if you happen to be identified as the one who called the police, your own social standing is likely to take a knock.
I like to bring the festivities to a close in a slightly more dramatic fashion. Simply take a few tins of cat food. Chuck them in the oven. Crank up the oven to its highest setting, then evacuate the kitchen.
Nothing says a party is over like Whiskers Nagasaki!


  1. Have you actually done that?

  2. Put the cat in the oven with the cat food. I hate cats!

  3. I am Legend!

  4. You are Knobhead!

  5. We stuck a guy to the ceiling like that once, but he was naked.

    1. Problem with that is you risk having your head pissed on.

  6. You can't beat student parties.

  7. yea they do know how to party