Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Apparently, it is World Diabetes Day today. I can't see it really catching on. It doesn't have the same appeal as Christmas or Easter. We haven't put up any decorations or anything in our house. A cake was considered, then deemed inappropriate.
With obesity on the rise, diabetes is likewise rising, hand in amputated hand. So perhaps diabetes is natures great equaliser. As the pig people balloon in response to their greed and slothful existence, diabetes trims their extremities, thus reducing their weight.

 I considered making reference to a seesaw at this point, but once again, deemed it a little insensitive. It's not always a smart idea to rile a pachyderm. A charging rhino is a destructive uncompromising force.


  1. The problem is that they will probably eat the amputated limb. Thus putting the weight back on again.

  2. Funny as fuck!