Friday, 7 December 2012


At this time of year, the thoughts of many of us turn to the chore of Christmas shopping. Everyone has one of those difficult relatives to buy for. If you find yourself in this particular predicament, the trendy present of choice this year is a Onesie. They come in an abundance of themes, colours and designs. Fun, comfortable and practical apparently!

However, I beg to differ. Whilst they might initially look like more fun than you can shake a stick at, closer examination of the product finds it wanting. A zip malfunction at an extreme time of need could prove disastrous. That warm comforting feeling could be replaced with a rather moist and pungent embarrassment so easily.
Apparently, in USA, a Onesie is more commonly known as a Foursie!


  1. I like to take a dump in my onesie just because I can.

  2. That's horrible, but funny LOL!

  3. Laugh at the fat Americans cos' they deserve it!

  4. My brother took a dump in his onesie for a bet. He then had to ride the bus for a mile in that state.

    1. I'm crying with laughter. That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard.