Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I've never trusted horses. Donkeys, mules, in fact anything equine. There's something devious about them.
My suspicions were first aroused way back at Sunday School with the story of Noah and the flood. The rules clearly stated two of each species. According to the pictures we were shown, all the animals formed an orderly queue and promptly marched into the ark. However, not so the evil horses. They slyly painted up a couple of their kind and blagged Noah that it was a new species called a Zebra.
After the success of the zebra business, confidence was riding high and several attempts were made to create unicorns.
Despite several trips to Ann Summers, a suitable horn substitute could not be found and the idea was abandoned.


  1. I loved the story of Noah when I was at school.

  2. Do you think lions used to same trick to create tigers?

  3. I love painting pets.

  4. It's always best to let them dry before you take it that step further.

  5. You will probably find zebra in Findus lasagne.